Things to Ponder

First up… I ponder the wonder of life BEFORE social media when it comes to May 4 and 5. Because NOW… I know on the May 4 there is a ton of Darth Vader memes coming at me with the “May the FOURTH be with you” jokes. And then Cinco de Mayo and memes of mayonnaise…

But on to other things to ponder!

I came across an interesting article on the Holocaust and educating a generation on what is now “ancient” history. Having been in Israel a couple of months ago and touring their Holocaust Memorial, I was intrigued by the article and its premise: Maybe Holocaust museums are teaching the Holocaust in a wrong way. With the steep rise of antisemitism in the last decade, this article caught my attention.

From the article:

Holocaust education remains essential for teaching historical facts in the face of denial and distortions. Yet over the past year, as I’ve visited Holocaust museums and spoken with educators around the country, I have come to the disturbing conclusion that Holocaust education is incapable of addressing contemporary anti-Semitism. In fact, in the total absence of any education about Jews alive today, teaching about the Holocaust might even be making anti-Semitism worse.

More HERE.

We are in crises on a lot of fronts in our culture. One of the biggest (tied to suicides and attempted suicides) is mental illness. This article makes a case for the institutions that we so readily shut down because of massive abuses needed to be reformed, not burned to the ground. But in our “revolution” mentality, we tend to want to burn down institutions we can’t bend to our exact wills. It was intriguing from that angle, given extremes in our country currently are on “burn it all down” binges.

From the article:

During the revolutions of the ’60s, institutions were easier to tear down than to reform, and the idea of asylum for the most afflicted got lost along with the idea that severe psychiatric disorders are biological conditions requiring medical care. For many psychiatrists of the era, mental illness was caused by environmental disturbances that could be repaired by treating society itself as the patient.

David French is a writer and thinker I really enjoy listening to and reading. When it comes to gun control, I typically don’t agree with his “defend the Second Amendment at all costs” default position. But THIS ARTICLE is one where he hits where the nail finally is: Guns as Idolatry. He finally makes sense on this issue.

The combination of mental illness and our inability to give proper care combined with incredibly dangerous drugs is killing off a generation in a hurry. THIS ARTICLE is heartbreaking and keeps me in intercession. I want this stronghold taken down and prayer is a key to bringing down strongholds. It’s not the only thing. Action will be needed. But prayer is key. THIS is something I keep praying over.

There is a two part interview on The Holy Post podcast about the destructive nature of the “rapture” theology developed by John Nelson Darby in the 1800s, but only the first part is out and I want to listen to both parts before writing more on that.

But speaking of David French, he does a podcast on The Holy Post called “French Friday” and THIS ONE is outstanding. It is very familiar to me in tone because his awareness of how to engage the culture is a journey similar to mine. It was a challenging listen on being aware of our post-Christian culture and how to engage with far more love and care and far less fear and anger. It’s well worth your time.

To help keep everything in perspective, some new music from our friend Wendell Kimbrough. Enjoy!

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