The contrast of the culture

I couldn’t get over the contrast on the page of The New York Times when I went to their page today. The first thing that caught me was the breaking news story of the tornadoes that killed 23 people in Mississippi overnight. We woke up to pouring rain, so I was wondering how much we had dodged a bigger storm. Then, I looked up the counties where the tornadoes had hit. The story in the Times related that the very poor rural county had 20 percent of its residents below the federal poverty line and a huge percentage lived in mobile homes.

I am mulling over that story and the tragedy and return to the home page of the Times and then look just to the right and see the headline: “These Luxury Gyms Don’t Let Just Anyone In.”

All I can think is… what a country.

We have such contrasts and every once in awhile they collide on the same front page.

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