Pentecostal Orthodoxy — I had been playing around

My reading has me in Emilio Alvarez’s new work: Pentecostal Orthodoxy: Toward an Ecumenism of the Spirit. As I am in the early pages, I find myself evaluating where I was on my personal timeline compared to Alvarez. There are a few conclusions I draw from my timeline.

First, I hungered for the liturgical worship once I was exposed to it. I was pastoring a Pentecostal church and attempting to take them on the journey, but I was experiencing something deeper and was not willing to lead them as far as I was going at the time.

We had gone to a weekly celebration of Communion, but I did not dive deeper into leading them in the Eucharist. I was impacted deeply by liturgical worship but held back going “too fast” with my congregation.

Second, I was only playing at all of this as a pastor. (A moment of truth for me that is deeply uncomfortable to admit.) I was playing at weekly communion because I was not leading them in the full mystery of the Eucharist. I played at walking through Advent and Lent without calling them deeper in this practice. I was not leading them at all in the creeds and confessions for fear they would just outright toss me out or leave our church out of frustration.

Third, I didn’t discern the time, the setting… well, pretty much anything. I was going in a different direction and no one was following. For me, it meant saying goodbye to one tradition to move in another direction.

Fourth, while I did end up in the Anglican tradition and am thankfully around people familiar with some of the gifts of the Spirit, I have not fully worked out being Pentecostal in a liturgical tradition. In other words, I am probably still playing around.

I need to work out who I am as a Pentecostal with who I am as an Anglican and someone truly believing both traditions are legitimate and need a deeper conversation. I need to find a way to keep walking as a Pentecostal with respect to the Great Traditions of the historical church because it is deserving of that effort.

2 thoughts on “Pentecostal Orthodoxy — I had been playing around

  1. Life!! It is an evolution and learning process. The spiral is either up or down, there is no “standing still”. Always shedding our skin and growing into another, hopefully, better, person. Your journey has been one to follow.

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