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Some reading for the week:

I had the feeling I was missing something over the last few years when it came to sports. I love reading sports pages, sports reporting sites, etc. In the past few years so many times I would click on an article thinking I was getting analysis for an upcoming game and it turned out to be betting lines for games. College games. Pro games. Corn hole games. Whatever.

It turns out there is a reason for the proliferation of betting lines being “stories.” College campuses have embraced gambling as revenue and it is huge business. We’re generating a whole new generation of people addicted to yet another thing.

More HERE.

Over the past 2-3 years has been this new white anxiety about Confederate monuments being torn down. The argument is this: “We’re erasing history.”

I have not been to Germany so I ask an honest question: Can someone point me to the monuments of Adolph Hitler? Or Herman Goerring?

HOW we remember is vital. VISUAL history is important. Clint Smith’s article in The Atlantic looks at how Germany has tried to remember the Holocaust visually. It is imperfect, but they are not giving out “second place trophies” to the Nazis like we did to the Confederates after the Civil War. We don’t need monuments to remember Hitler. We DO need visual reminders of true history to remind us of the key phrase from the Holocaust: never again.

A cover story in The Atlantic caught my attention on how the environment in which we raise kids is critical. A young man caught in the violent life of inner city Philadelphia, an activist doctor trying to do good for some of those kids, and the difficult fight to help kids find a better way. This is a hard story worth your time. More HERE.

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