Reminders for the journey in my “last third”

I am embracing the journey in “last third living.” My mind prepares for what is ahead. I am thankful for all that has brought me to this point.

Finishing Arthur Brooks’s book, From Strength to Strength, here are the key reminders for me:

Use things
Love people
Worship the Divine

My life is not in the accumulation of things, or loving stuff. There are things in my life to use. People are not to be used. They are to be loved. All of them. No exceptions.

What is my ultimate worship? The stuff of this world? The people around me? What has my deepest allegiance?

It is God. He is where I am centered.

This past week I had incredible encounters with God in very small areas. I was in a regular activity with family on vacation and God began to teach me small lessons through the hike or the fly fishing I was involved in at the time. He showed me what was going on in my life, my body, my spirit.

In all of it, I worshiped. He was giving me an invitation in the middle of the activity in which I was involved. The experience is still something I am unable to put into words. It was the Divine. It was worship.

My life is shifting radically. I won’t walk perfectly, but there is a renewal in my spirit that brings me to a place of deep worship and change. For this I rejoice.

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