Over the years I have become less and less engaged with major American sports. The industry is saturated and can simply consume time. I still like them. I am a KC Chiefs fan in professional football, but even last night’s amazing game (one in which I would have been heartbroken had the Chiefs lost, but still would have admired the Bills) was not something I was riveted to until the second half. Granted, the last two minutes of regulation was the key and it was the most exciting 2 minutes of the season and quite probably one of the top 10 endings to any football game in NFL history.

But having suffered through 50 years of Chiefs misery, this current streak the team is on has been the best thrill these past 4 years.

And, above all, this will be a Super Bowl where we know we won’t have Tom Brady OR Aaron Rodgers and for that we all give thanks.

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