The abuse in sports… and I can’t stop watching

I understand my own dilemmas and there is nothing a bigger issue of hypocrisy in my life than sports. I grew up loving sports, especially baseball. I always cheered on our local teams in professional sports and my guilty pleasure in college ball has been the Kansas Jayhawks basketball program. And then I get intoContinue reading “The abuse in sports… and I can’t stop watching”

Personal rights and egos

In a COLLEGE basketball game last night, Oklahoma State powerhouse Marcus Smart when after a fan. I thought it was a NBA story at first. Smart is a great player. It’s a frustrating time because Oklahoma State is in a losing streak at the wrong time. (For the record, I’m okay with that, since I’mContinue reading “Personal rights and egos”

Monday Thoughts

Some great thought-provoking posts and articles are surfacing this Monday. Bill Mounce over at Koinonia has some thoughts on the Ted Haggard situation. His big question is: “Why was Haggard removed from his church? Why were they not allowed to at least attend?” He readily admits he doesn’t know the entire situation, but he asksContinue reading “Monday Thoughts”