Maybe it’s not “deconstruction” Maybe it’s RECLAIMING

Aimee Byrd writes passionately about lifting up women in the Body of Christ. She is targeted all the time by threatened men who consider themselves “leaders” in the Body of Christ.

She responds HERE to yet another attack on her supposed leadership in the “deconstruction movement.”

The attack comes from HERE.

Byrd’s larger point is this:

On a larger scale than we want to see, instead of evangelizing, the church itself is the mission field.

Instead of giving the world a beautiful picture of Christ’s bride and a glimpse of our telos in communion with him and one another, we see much ugliness and abuse of power. In multiple denominations. How did we get here? What is church supposed to be? What is our witness to the watching world? Some are so battered by spiritual abuse that they can’t bear to walk through the church doors. Some observers of Christianity are glad they never took the leap. And many still within her walls are so factioned and polarized that they’ve lost sight of what church is supposed to be.

In this I think I find a more true answer to my own struggles in these past years. Maybe I’m not “deconstructing.” I definitely know I am in lament. What I sense is not so much a “deconstructing” as a cry in my heart to RECLAIM. There is so much more to the Body of Christ than we’ve demonstrated in the white culturalized Christianity of the U.S. There is so much to grab onto that is CHRIST, which means tearing away all the junk we’ve piled on in our culturalized history.

What is going on is those still hanging on by their fingertips to their old powerbases get to through around terms in a pejorative way and go unchallenged. They deride women who speak up, blacks who speak up, those who they think use terms like “CRT” (but don’t really)… and they get to set the rules. All in the name of Christ… which is their version of just feeling “normal.”

I do not want my life absent of the Church because it IS the Body of Christ. I want the Body of Christ to be attached to the Head, who IS Christ. Right now, it is not me “deconstructing” as much as it is old line leaders running around without the Head on.

Aimee Byrd offers a way forward that so many are taking and I want to continue to walk that way, even when others may not understand:

To lament.

To listen.

To ask hard questions.

To learn about abuse

To seek beauty.

In her words:

Deconstruction can mean a lot of different things. But others can’t put us on trains to nowhere. We can do the hard work of moving from disillusionment and abuse to find beauty, not only keeping our faith intact, but experiencing all the more that Christ is our treasure.

Deconstruction (Literary Theory)

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