Why I use a personal trainer

I wrote on three areas of transformation in my life that have added to my base of spiritual formation. (HERE)

One area I focused on in another post was the benefit of a personal coach at this point in my life and career. (HERE)

Another area where I have benefited from a higher level of accountability (for me) is the use of a personal trainer. The first major step was getting back to exercising. With that I have added in, at different points, group training and personal training. These are levels of personal accountability.

Exercise, for me, has finally been decoupled from body image. One look at me and you would think, “This guy works out?”

And I’m comfortable with that… finally. Because it’s not about how I look. It’s become more about how I feel. I have learned that there are certain internal markers in my life I need to monitor. There are certain health markers that are personal to me and help me gauge the possibility of a long, healthy life. I also recognize I cannot guarantee that, but I can hedge my bets in that direction.

Working out consistently is key for me. Paying to go to a gym is a better level of accountability for me. Others are far better at self-motivation and do things like … cough… run, and that works for them. The gym has become my friend.

An even higher level of accountability has been a personal trainer in a group or individual setting. They help me set goals, they formulate the routines, and they push me harder.

I am thankful for a trainer that listens to what I like in workouts, then talks over goals with me, then pushes me to exceed those goals.

I am thankful for getting a better gauge in my life on my personal health. I am thankful I’ve internalized my physical goals and don’t rely on people’s looks at me to gauge my own success.

Life is a process, and I’m thankful for the personal coaches and trainers and friends who get me along in that process.

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