Why I use a personal coach

In a previous post I mentioned three areas in addition to spiritual formation that have been transformational in my life: physical exercise and personal training, seeing a therapist on a regular basis, and having a personal coach at this point in my life.

Finding a personal coach at this point in my life has been critical. I also note that “personal coach” or “life coach” doesn’t cover it correctly for me, but those seem to be the terms that are most familiar.

All the transitions in my life at this age were providing some challenges and mental shifts. It became clear I needed to get some focus on new paradigms. Again, I could read books, but there are key points in my life where the added personal contact is necessary for me to achieve breakthrough. (Here is my coach’s website. I HIGHLY recommend him!)

The combination of this coaching was what I needed to help shift my thinking in many areas of my life. Tim has taken me through a lot of deep examination. He has a weekly video to introduce a principle, and the key for me is that he then provides probing questions that get at the core of old thinking that needs to be changed. It is methodical, building slowly into my life a new system to bring healthy thinking to the front and shove unhealthy thinking out.

This process has been challenging. The real highlight is our weekly meeting. He will meet through video chat if you are not local. I have the advantage of being local so one hour every week he gets right into my stuff and keeps probing.

My life is challenged. I don’t have a coach telling me to read one more book and listen to one more podcast. If he recommends a podcast, it’s specific to what he sees in me. He finds out if I even LIKE podcasts!

More awareness, more hopeful thinking, and more joyful attitudes have come into my life as a direct result of personal coaching, in combination with my workouts and visits with my therapist. All three have been necessary at this stage in my life. Again, I am deeply thankful I can do it in this way and am fully aware not everyone can have a budget for a ton of personal attention.

My point is this: There are ways TO build these things into our lives and to step out and do that is critical.

I have been helped by this powerful combination.

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