The Daily Rhythms of My Life

For a good portion of this year, my daily spiritual routine had me in an older practice. I sensed a leading from the Spirit to return to a practice of walking a little more deeply in Scripture like I did for years when I was first in ministry.

I set aside the Daily Office and its readings and plunged back into Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. I then did a walk through of the Pentateuch, which was not as “in depth” but was something I took notes on for several weeks. It was refreshing to plunge back into that practice.

As I ended my walk through the Pentateuch, I didn’t have any sense of what to walk through next, so I have come back to the Daily Office and its daily readings. Again, I am refreshed.

Daily I am in confession. Daily I am in praise and thanksgiving. Daily I am in the Word with some depth. And as I pick up the readings I find we are walking through some of the Deuterocanonical books, which I love as a pattern in the Daily Office.

This isn’t a “one is better than the other” option for me. They are both rhythms I am deeply thankful for and deeply enriched by.

I have called these “tools in the tool box.” When one “tool” seems to not be “working” at a particular moment, I find another “tool” to pull out and use so I can keep walking with the Lord.

Find rhythms that work for your personality, your time commitment, etc. Find a few. That way, if one seems to “stall out”, you go to another rhythm to keep your walk fresh with the Lord.

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