More thoughts on deconstruction and reconstruction

Scot McKnight has been walking through some structure of what it may mean to reconstruct faith after the battle to deconstruct as someone walks through the minefield of our current religious landscape. He writes behind a paywall, so I will list some things here.

What is needed in this day are examples. We don’t need good arguments (at least good arguments in our minds). It’s a huge temptation for an older generation to say, “OH! If that person would just read this book or listen to this podcast…”

The white American conservative church just hasn’t been the example of Christ it has needed to be and we need our example to lead the way.

Some of McKnight’s list:

Character, not giftedness or performance skills.

Jesus-likeness, not celebrity.

Power-sharing and power-for not power-over.

The wisdom of a road traveler not one more new program.

A listening ear not a pointing finger.

Empathy not narcissism.

Grace not fear.

Honest transparency not spin and bullshit.

Trustworthiness not hype.

A life that has experienced pain not a life that appears idealistic.

We’re still pushing “celebrity.” We’re still pushing “big movements.” We are still very much power hungry.

What I remain convinced of is a word someone shared with me they heard Richard Rohr give: Remember: after deconstruction needs to come reconstruction.

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