Atlanta, racism, misogyny, and evangelicals

Our long-running stubbornness to not stop and have some serious conversations is becoming so incredibly toxic… and exposed. As conservative American Christians we seriously need to stop and examine our lives. Instead, we make excuses, put up walls, and keep fortifying our crumbling positions.

A young white Christian man shot up several massage parlors in the Atlanta area, killing several Asian women. His excuse? He was having a bad day.

One, we need to stop that kind of nonsense.

Two, we need to hold the law enforcement investigators to accountability for allowing such a lousy excuse and then parroting it to the press.

Three, we need MORE out of us… the American church.

Katelyn Beaty writes this:

According to police, Long said he targeted women working at massage parlors because they were “a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate.” According to The Wall Street Journal, he targeted these businesses “in retaliation” for feeding what he called his sex addiction.

In other words: The women made him do it.

The conversation to be had is to the men. Stop objectifying women… and stop blaming them… for your sin.

This piece is well worth reading: MORE HERE.

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