Call out racism

I am all too guilty of reposting MLK quotes on MLK Day. We are far too quick to give empty platitudes to a man we’d ridicule today as a felon because he spent so much time in jail.

Let me leave it with this article from Esau McCaulley.

This quote from the article:

Despite the gains of the civil rights movement, King maintained that America remained structurally racist. “The majority of white Americans consider themselves sincerely committed to justice for the Negro,” he said. “They believe that American society is essentially hospitable to fair play and steady growth toward a middle-class Utopia embodying racial harmony. But unfortunately this is a fantasy of self-deception and comfortable vanity.”

I’ll also call out the blatant Christian Nationalism on full display during the insurrection of January 6:

And if you’re wondering who the Q Anon shaman guy is… it’s this guy:

Multiple 'QAnon Shaman' Videos Resurface After Jake Angeli Leads Siege of  Capitol

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