Posts that don’t age well

The curse of the Facebook timeline reveals dumb things I said years ago. Things that live on to constantly remind me of the fact: What in the world do I really know?

This one was for today:

I knew we were in a shift. What I was clueless about was just how bad it was for the American Church. My eternal optimism had me blinded by thinking we were actually discerning people. We could see what was going down and respond.

I have less hope four years later. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the Church. It’s not just the American Church. ALL the Church. I love the Kingdom of God. My hope is anchored in Christ and he is the one leading his body.

But I don’t think we’re learning our lesson. It may be a long time. Israel had to take a break in Babylon. I’m not sure what that means for the American Church. What I DO know is that four years ago this Facebook post was a big swing and a miss.

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