Disordered forms of worship — politics

In a new book on the liturgy of politics, Kaitlyn Shiess wants to re-form our thinking as believers. It is a necessary conversation.

We have to think about racism—and white supremacy in particular—as a disordered form of worship. So not only are we dealing with how the church should respond to political questions raised by racism, like how to address real problems in policing—on a deeper level, we’re dealing with a failure of discipleship. This is one of many reasons I tell people my book is ultimately about the church rather than politics. If we had a stronger sense of the church’s global and historic character, and if we valued loyalty to the body of Christ above loyalty to any political community or movement, then we would feel a stronger obligation to fight politically for all our brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter their race.

Find more of this interview with Kaitlyn Schiess HERE.

You can also here an interview with her HERE.

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