So, let’s tackle the “abortion issue”

A couple of posts ago I touched lightly on abortion (HERE) and mentioned I might come back to it. This issue deserves more explaining on my part.

My best explanation comes from David French. His full argument is HERE, though it is not limited to this. It helps lay out what I’m trying to wrestle with mentally. This has been THE ONE ISSUE brought up most by culturalized Christians when it comes to Trump (in my former circles). People would take this issue and ignore everything else. The problem is this: we have ignore the facts on abortion and French lays out those facts.

Basic structure of his outline:

Decades of data and decades of legal, political, and cultural developments have combined to teach us a few, simple realities about abortion in the United States:

1. Presidents have been irrelevant to the abortion rate;

2. Judges have been forces of stability, not change, in abortion law; 

3. State legislatures have had more influence on abortion than Congress;

4. Even if Roe is overturned, abortion will be mostly unchanged in the U.S.; and 

5. The pro-life movement has an enormous cultural advantage. 

If the points above don’t seem to make sense to you, then you’re likely unfamiliar with the way that decisive numbers of Americans think about abortion—not in crystal-clear terms of life versus choice (or “baby” versus “clump of cells”), but through much hazier and subjective reasoning. This means that absolutists are consistently frustrated with the political process. Unless Americans change, that process will not yield the results they seek. 

You can read the fleshed out structure in his piece.

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