Book Review — Simple Faith Bible, Zondervan

A few months ago I purchased the Tony Evans Study Bible (CSB) because I wanted to gain more insight from a great African American pastor I’ve admired for decades. It was wonderful to have a study Bible with his personal notes, reflecting so many years of pastoral and teaching ministry.

When the offer came to review the Simple Faith Bible (NRSV) with notes from President Jimmy Carter, I was intrigued. Carter has famously taught Sunday School in his Baptist church for over 65 years. This Bible draws on his notes, insights, and principles from those years of teaching.

The first thing to notice about the Bible is the print. Zondervan has developed a new font called Comfort Print for the biblical text and it is marvelous to read. The type face is 9.5, so pretty readable. But in Comfort Print, the words are more clear, distinct, and not as hard on the eyes to read. I had not realized how different the font would be.

Then, it’s Zondervan (who mainly prints the NIV due to copyright agreements) publishing the NRSV, which is a well-liked translation in the academic world. The translation is 30 plus years old and needs some updating, but it’s a worthy translation for study. (I have also heard some whispers that a light touch update is due in possibly 2021.)

The notes themselves are wonderful to read.

There a few full page articles called “Bible in Focus.” It concentrates on a select biblical principle tied to a passage. It also includes a “Going Deeper” section to allow for meditation and application. There isn’t any theological work. It’s practical, basic, and yet meaningful. We are hearing from someone who has solidly lived these principles out over decades of life and ministry. They are true gems to read.

There is a “Bible in Life” section that will highlight passages that are special to the former president. They will have a short note and quick application. I am reading through Colossians currently and there is a “Bible in Life” note found there. The question Carter ponders is that Christian really are saints.

There is also a “Ponder and Pray” section. Carter reflects on a couple of verses and offers up a prayer. The prayers have wisdom and depth to them. There is a kind sincerity to them.

This is a nice addition to add to your Bible shelf for reflection and reading.

NOTE: I received a review copy as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. I am under no obligation to give this resource a positive review.

NRSV Simple Faith Bible, Comfort Print, hardcover  -     By: Jimmy Carter

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