As white Christians we have a deep work still to be done in us

“The relationship between holding racist views and white Christian identity is actually stronger among more frequent church attenders than among less frequent church attenders.”

The above quote comes from this article.

We continue to have things exposed in the life of the American Church… and while we were in a better listening mode a few weeks ago, even that seems to be slipping away quickly.

The harsh reality is this: Some have taken that realization and left the church. This is tragic.

What is needed is what we still refuse to do: repent. I don’t mean individually (and this is where the worst part of our evangelical Christianity traps us). Individually is okay… but too often our weak evangelical individualistic theology says, “Hey! I didn’t own slaves!” Or, “Hey! I don’t see color!”

The American Church needs a reckoning. From north to south, from theologically “liberal” to theologically “conservative”, we truly need a “come to Jesus” moment. And by moment I don’t mean a minute.

We need a national repentance calling out to God for mercy and recognize the evil that lies within us. We are still not there. We might have inched a bit closer a few weeks ago, but I am having my doubts if we moved at all.

Until that moment comes, we will continue a slide that currently we don’t even recognize. I pray for that moment. Until then, I call out for that moment and beg the Holy Spirit to wake us up.

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