2020 doesn’t have to be a waste

I have realized that we can joke about what a “do over” on 2020 because of coronavirus, but what if this wasn’t a wasted year after all?

Today is the 5th anniversary of the massacre at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. The headline of this article caught me: WE HAVE DONE NOTHING.

In the way of battling racism, we have found ourselves back in the same place time after time. From 2014 and the shooting of Michael Brown to today we are still fighting over phrases and actions.

What if 2020 wasn’t a waste? What if 2020 became a pivotal year? What if 2020 was the year we began serious movement on dismantling systemic problems?

Sure, 2020 probably won’t be the year things begin to dismantle at the national level (although we can certainly begin that process this fall). But it CAN be the year for Minneapolis to finally deal with a thug police police department.

It CAN be the year where serious discussions at the local level begin to happen regarding school funding, police funding, and more.

It CAN be the year for those of you who have never darkened the doors of a black church finally find your way there to sit and listen and soak in worship.

It CAN be the year to do more reading from black authors.

It CAN be the year to support more black owned businesses on purpose… to buy more art from black artists… to learn from the struggle found in black music.

Don’t let 2020 be a waste. Let it be pivotal.

I don’t want to be in 2025 remembering the 10th anniversary of this massacre and read this same headline.

Let’s redeem 2020.

The Charleston Church Massacre (2015) •
The Emanuel Nine

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