I can walk away

It is so easy to walk away. It is so easy to step back to the sidelines. That is my privilege.

When things get uncomfortable… I can “take a break.” Worse, I can find ways to disagree.

This is my privilege.

I have to lay down that privilege to keep moving because my friends of color don’t get breaks. In our ability to step aside, we can make arguments about people of color and their anger. We can make arguments about their station in life. (“Well, if they’d get a job…” “If they would get an education…”)

Our ability to walk away blinds us. This podcast is from a black professor at Yale University. Even in his education and status he doesn’t get a break. He doesn’t get to walk away.

That is MY privilege.

I have to lay my privilege down.

Willie James Jennings - Fuller Studio
Willie Jennings

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