Social distancing in the time of coronavirus

This is an excellent piece on Francis Collins. He lays out the numbers on infectious disease. Online most social media “experts” sitting in their living rooms, Collins is the scientist who worked on cracking the human genome. You might want to pay attention.

Plus, it’s a great article on science, faith, and how that intertwines in his life.

But, this warning is clear. We are at a point where Italy was 2 weeks ago. Italy has skyrocketed in cases and deaths. We have a chance to turn it back faster than Italy:

Collins added this important qualifier: “Now we have a chance to change that, by applying now the most draconian measures on social distancing to try to limit the spread of coronavirus from person to person. But we will not succeed at changing the course from that exponential curve unless there is full national engagement in those commitments to try to reduce spread. I think we’re getting there; certainly in the last few days there seems to be a lot of waking up to just how serious the threat is, but that’s obviously not universal across this large and complicated country.”

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