Food waste

I have been working my way back through The End of Hunger to take in … or “digest” (okay, pun intended) … the hope found in this book. There are some convicting statistics that need to change my actions.

One issue is food waste (Chapter 21).

“Experts have estimated that as much as half of the food that’s grown in the United States is wasted.”

I have to stare at that statement and think. It’s not about half of prepared food (like you throw out the bit of dinner you thought you’d use for leftovers last week). Grown food.

Again, the ending of hunger has so many scaled opportunities for everyone to be involved. Don’t want to advocate? Too nervous calling your representative about a farm bill? Consider this: buy smaller quantities of food at the grocery store.

Buy smaller amounts. Freeze things before they spoil. Eat the leftovers.

We can be more conscious of our waste and save a few dollars along the way.

Learn to cook from scratch. One of our sons has an Instagram feed he likes to do called “Tasty Tuesdays.” He does everything from scratch and documents the steps. He loves starting from scratch and taking it to the end.

Again, this is a small action we can all take. This is one I have to work on as well.

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