When you eat… sit down

In The End of Hunger, there is a section on what each of us can do in this goal of ending hunger by 2030. A simple solution offered: sit down when you eat.

“Sit down because that’s going to make you pay attention to what you’re eating. Sit down because it will slow you down. Even if it’s just a little taco with some black beans, and a sprinkling of cheese over it and a spoonful of salsa, you’ll recognize how special that is. And it’ll just stop you for a minute, and you’ll understand, and be grateful for what you have. How we eat is as important as what we eat. It’s the shoving of food in your mouth that upsets your stomach, and it doesn’t connect you to the food in a way that you need to be connected to it.” (p. 159)

The key here is to understand how wasteful we are as Americans. We throw away so much food. Slowing down in the eating process is a way to think about food around the world. It is a chance to contemplate on the blessing of food we have and also be more mindful of how we buy food, prepare it, and eat it. We need a better connection with that process because we can be more thoughtful in our buying process and end up wasting less.

A simple step in the road to ending hunger. A simple step we’re all capable of taking to help.

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