Spiritually homeless … no more

A couple of podcasts this week have caught my attention. They expressed almost perfectly the internal struggle I’ve had for a number of years. While the views I heard would seem to say they are still “spiritually homeless”, I would say in my own life that is no longer true. Yet, I am thankful for these voices that speak out the internal struggles of my own life.

This “Letter to the Spiritually Homeless” wraps it up in a nutshell.

The Holy Post podcast dives into the term a little more. Skye Jethani interviews Mike Erre about this term. The interview starts about 38 minutes in if you want to skip the first part of the podcast which is a grab bag of conversation.

If you don’t listen well, you can read the letter to the spiritually homeless HERE.

An area where I have differed from this letter concerns the frustration with the American Church but loving Jesus the Nazarene. YES, I am frustrated with the American Church. To the “right” and to the “left” there is an unhealthy fundamentalism that is dangerous and, at the very least, uninviting to me.

YES, I am still in love with Jesus the Nazarene. Where I have found my journey a bit different is I still love the Church. Desperately. I am thankful I have found a home in the Anglican Church. I believe the liturgical church tied to the orthodox roots of ancient Christianity provide home. They don’t provide perfect agreement. We have to get over that…

But I have found it provides a rhythm that calls me home. I do love Jesus AND his body. I want the Church to truly be rooted in Christ once again. When I see it, my spirit floods with joy.

I hope you find these podcasts helpful. While they may not speak to your situation, they give better insight into my journey.

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