Being validated in our lostness

A head scratching parable for me is found in Luke 16. It is the parable of the “shrewd manager”. It’s such an odd passage that most commentaries will simply state it’s an odd passage and difficult to interpret.

Yesterday, this was the Gospel text in worship at our church. Gabe Holloway, a regular teacher on Sundays, tackled the passage and was incredible in moving through the text and crafting a beautiful message. One of the key thoughts out of this passage was its proximity to the stories of lostness: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son in Luke 15. It was also a story where Jesus has the Pharisees in earshot and he may be addressing his disciples, but he is making sure the Pharisees hear this one.

Out of that context, Gabe brought the thought that while we all struggle with being “lost” at some point in our lives, there are those who will stay lost and will find those around them who will cheer them on and validate their lostness.

It is a powerful message and well worth your time (22 minutes) to listen to this well crafted sermon. Listen HERE. (It will be 9.22.19 message on Luke 16:1-13.)

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