It’s not about truth anymore

We have long passed any sense of searching for truth… or wanting it… in our American culture. We have moved to echo chambers and ideologies. Purity of “doctrine” isn’t something for the Church any more. It’s a new fundamentalism on the left and the right and it’s not just in churches. It’s in the political system.

The challenge for believers in this era is to pull back from the echo chamber. It is to move away from the cultural cues that have often dictated our practices in faith. We need a fresh call to engage the Scriptures with fresh eyes, along with engaging the Spirit in a fresh new way in prayer.

It is an age when the life of Karl Barth may need to be repeated. An age where we shake off the cultural binds that dictated how we read the Scriptures and we listen with fresh ears. This may be something that happens every generation. It certainly needs to happen now.

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