It’s not about truth anymore

We have long passed any sense of searching for truth… or wanting it… in our American culture. We have moved to echo chambers and ideologies. Purity of “doctrine” isn’t something for the Church any more. It’s a new fundamentalism on the left and the right and it’s not just in churches. It’s in the politicalContinue reading “It’s not about truth anymore”

So you don’t like Barth… How about Bloesch?

Seems to be a new backlash about NOT reading Barth. Brian LePort gives a good post linking the recent rantings. A few years ago Barth was back in, mainly, I think, because Christian Books was selling Dogmatics for $99. I snatched that up myself. I think I’ve made it all the way to the… thirdContinue reading “So you don’t like Barth… How about Bloesch?”

The Power of the Word and the Scriptures

I am picking up Barth again, slogging through the second volume (which is actually 1.2). The power of the Word and the Scriptures is key for Barth. The section I am currently working through is incredibly exciting. (No, really. It is.) The Church is not merely a human institution. This is not “a human polity,Continue reading “The Power of the Word and the Scriptures”

Barth and Church Authority

As I continue to wonder if I’m reading Barth correctly, I am struck by his trust of the Church. He is Reformed, so the authority of the Church is not as encompassing as the Catholic view. Still, he believes in the authority of the Church. Church authority is spiritual authority: in all its forms itContinue reading “Barth and Church Authority”