She brings me joy

“When you choose to marry someone, you had better choose someone you’ll enjoy talking with for the rest of your life.” — David Brooks, The Second Mountain

Terri and I celebrate 31 years of marriage. If there is anything that would best describe our relationship, it would be Brooks’s quote above. What I truly love the most in our relationship is our ability to have conversation.

We will have conversations around politics as we listen to the news. We will have conversations about our Scripture reading. She will talk about her writing. I will talk about theology. We will melt in our conversations about our kids and grandkids.

Several years ago I was offering some counseling to a couple struggling in their marriage and asked them, “What do you talk about?” The silence was crushing. They had nothing they talked about in their marriage. They had nothing to move the slightest conversation along in their lives.

But the best part of having conversation with Terri for over 30 years? It’s the small stuff. For us, it’s being able to say one-liners from movies or TV shows we like that fit the situation. Or even the punch line from a joke I told 20 years ago. It’s the small stuff that gets us laughing. Those are the moments of joy that fill my memory the most. Those are the moments that let me know we’ll always be able to keep going.

She brings laughter and joy into my life. She brings serious conversation that fuels my mind. We’ve kept the conversation going this long, there is no doubt we’ll keep on talking for years to come.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. The one who fills my life with thoughts, words, and a lot of laughter.

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