There and Back

I mentioned last week the incredible surprise our church and city gave us for our 15th anniversary as pastors and 25th wedding anniversary.

It was a “there and back” trip that was all too quick, and beyond imagination for us. We are so immensely grateful to everyone who gave so much to treat Terri and I to such a wonderful gift. Every moment (with the exception of coming back to snow on the ground) was simply perfect. We could not have planned or asked for anything more incredible to celebrate these milestones.

We are deeply grateful to our church family, our city family, and our great friends Dave and Carolyn, since it was their wedding we were able to attend!

2013-04-12 08.48.30

Two Numbers: 15 and 25

This week brings together two significant passages of time in my life.

This month I celebrate 15 years as pastor of Heights Church in Columbia Heights, MN. Next month my wife and I celebrate 25 years of marriage.

And this week we get the privilege of celebrating those events with a special trip put together by our church and city. They’ve given us a trip to JAMAICA.

We leave this Wednesday. The forecast for the Twin Cities on Wednesday: SNOW.

Jamaica calls.