Reflecting on reading

I read or listened to 37 books this year, if I’m counting correctly. Here are a few that stood out to me.

Race Matters by Cornel West is a classic work and I listened to an updated edition where he gave some new perspectives. It is a challenging book and set the tone for my reading this year. My challenge in 2019 is to read more widely because of West’s book.

Life Without Lack is a reflection on Psalm 23 by Dallas Willard. I read that book at the beginning of 2018 as we began our transition in life. It kept me dwelling on God’s abundant presence.

I listened to The Looming Tower And was reminded once again how dark this world can be and how blind our national security apparatus can be when we need much more vigilance. We are so blind to real threats and argue about the peripheral issues.

The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt is a book I wish I could get every American to read. He gives data in studies from years of research to show how we all drift into our echo chambers and stay there so comfortably. He gives a course of action that is refreshing, but we are so far from that possibility right now. This book gives me hope. (It’s all I have currently.)

John Grisham won be back with The Reckoning. I quit reading him during Rogue Lawyer but the premise of this book drew me in and I found Grisham can weave a story. This isn’t a typical Grisham legal thriller. I was pleasantly surprised.

I have long been influenced by the life and writing of Dallas Willard. Becoming Dallas Willard is a new biography and one I cherished in reading.

This year concludes with Fleming Rutledge’s book on Advent and I am currently listening again to Falling Upward by Richard Rohr. As I enter my 53rd year on this planet, Rohr’s book is a fresh reminder to me to walk in a spiritual maturity and health that is truly divine.

I have found that re-reading some works mixed with new, and not having grand goals like a book a week have deepened my process in reading.

May we all find new challenges in 2019. And for God’s sake (and I truly mean that phrase) May we get out of our damaging echo chambers!

A guy can dream.

Happy New Year.

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