The watchman on the wall

I am reading back through Ezekiel these days, asking the Lord about “imagination.”

As I read through the early part of Ezekiel again, I am struck by Ezekiel’s call. I also think of Jeremiah’s call. They were to warn clearly regardless of the response. If they didn’t give the warning, God would hold them (the prophets) accountable. In an era where church leaders are consumed with response, this is just offensive. 

But as I read through these chapters and reflect on “calling” once again, I just wonder about today. I am sure Ezekiel and Jeremiah got tired. Jeremiah openly complained to God about the lack of response. When Israel had long sealed their fate, these guys had to go right back out there and say it again.

My main question is this: Did other watchmen quit? Did God call others and they gave up?

In our current state in American Christianity, we’ve reached a crossroads (and crossed a threshold we’re not getting back) and I’m just wondering about this as I read Ezekiel once again.

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