The sign of Jonah

In Luke 11:29 people ask for yet another sign from Jesus. Too often we are asking for a sign and don’t know what we’re asking in that request.

Jesus responded that they were a wicked generation and the only sign they would get is the sign of Jonah. Jonah had no miracle. He only preached repentance.

Jesus was calling them into accountability and giving them a window of opportunity to get things back on track. They were looking for a different sign.

Too often, we ask for something and have no idea what we’re doing. Then, when the Lord answers with what we need, we get offended.

This will be the case with culturalized Christianity in the coming years. Trouble is, as I’ve come to understand in the past 2 years, we’re clueless.

Culturalized Christians asked for a “sign”. The prevailing understanding from false prophets has been God gave the sign of “Cyrus.” The problem is this: God didn’t give the sign of Cyrus. He gave the sign of King Saul.

Sometimes you DO get what you ask for, and it takes some time to realize it. By then, the opportunity for God’s great mercy has passed.

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