Mind-blowing realities of the Kingdom of God

I have finished my little project in Acts and am now making my way through Ephesians. This small letter has played such a massive role in my life in the past 20 plus years, it is a joy to walk through these passages again. I simply can’t grasp the majesty and wonder of what Paul poured into these words. 

I think of these two verses:

13 You too heard the word of truth in Christ, which is the good news of your salvation. You were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit because you believed in Christ. 14 The Holy Spirit is the down payment on our inheritance, which is applied toward our redemption as God’s own people, resulting in the honor of God’s glory. (Eph. 1:13-14, CEB)

This thought of the Holy Spirit as a “down payment” of our inheritance is amazing to me. For all that has happened in the power of the Spirit… the work of the Spirit in the nations today… the power of the miraculous…

And all of that is only a down payment.

I am not even close to tapping the majesty of the Kingdom of God that is available to me. There is so much more to explore! Oh, God! Let me live in wonder!


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