The road to Babylon

The past couple of weeks have been contemplative for me because of issues I’ve reflected on in the last few posts. This morning I woke up with the same thoughts. They were slightly different, but when I go back and read my last few posts, especially the longer one I linked to on the Daniel Generation, it was the Spirit speaking to me yet again about our need for repentance.

The American Church is headed into a Babylonian captivity and it’s not because the culture is evil. It’s because the Church has been in a long disobedience. With big events in the news the past few weeks like Willow Creek and the Roman Catholic diocese in Pennsylvania, we’ve seen some exposure (pardon the bad use of that word) of issues that are deep within every branch of American Christianity.

While this is a serious matter of God calling out in judgment, these also should be seen as acts of mercy. We have a short window to wake up as the American Church and fall to our knees in repentance. Not for America. For the American Church. That window will shut before long. We don’t have to go into a “Babylonian captivity.” Yet… we may stay blind and walk right into that period, blaming the culture all along the way.

God… help us to hear.



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