Worship in the ordinary

A Theology of the Ordinary by Julie Kanlis is a small work with a powerful punch. It is a call to move us away from the hype of “radical” or “cutting edge”, etc. It is a call to find God in ordinary. 

Kanlis traces the main biblical stories to demonstrate God in the ordinary routine of our lives. She begins, of course, with creation. (WARNING: this will not go along the “Answers in Genesis” path of some sort of proof text. She takes the path of actually working to understand what the original audience may have been hearing.)

“When Moses began numbering the days of creation, people sat up. They knew exactly what was going on: God is building a temple. In the Genesis account, God is pictured as a temple-builder who is constructing His house. But here is the twist: what is God’s temple? Where is His majesty, His presence, His sacred dwelling?

“His temple is… the earth. This earth now takes on supreme significance as a place to worship God.” 

We need to understand our lives don’t have to always be “huge” or “bold” or “cutting edge.” God is in the ordinary details of our lives. We are to “work and keep” creation. We are far more often called to garden than we are called to scale the Himalayas.

And in what we may find as “boring”, we need to ask this vital question: who defined that as “boring”, anyway? What we may find is we allowed someone else to define boring… but God invites us to join him in the slow journey of knowing him.

Mossy steps

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