This is a reflection on not just the dad I have by birth, but the connection I am afforded by marriage.

We have moved to Alabama to be near my father in law. He has some health challenges and Terri is his only child. Our oldest son has been there and done a great job building a relationship with him. The move has been a good one. He has been an influence on our oldest son in learning about business and investing. What I’m grateful for is his ability to invest and now set up things that will help his family for generations to come. I’m also grateful for lively political conversations with him. He enjoys the back and forth and I do as well. Not too many get that concept these days, so I enjoy hanging out with him.

My wife’s stepdad is a huge influence in my life. He lives with a quiet generosity. Year by year I am increasingly grateful for his quiet influence in the lives of our boys. He loves his grandchildren and does what is GOOD to influence them all. He is their biggest cheerleader, honestly.

This Father’s Day I get to be with my dad, though I am away from all my boys and my wife. He has always been my hero and will continue to be, even In a time of life where the physical is diminished. He has cheered for me. He has supported me. He loves his grandkids and great grandkids and nothing touches him more deeply than having family around.

These are men of quiet influence. We all will fall short of perfection but that shouldn’t keep us from deep admiration. These men continue to make me better and I only want to build in what they have done to love my family better.

To my dads, I love you. Happy Father’s Day.

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