The refreshing presence of Jesus in the Word

I am tired. Weary. The news… social media… all around I am confronted with how we are behaving as Americans… as Christians…

I am tired. Weary.

How we are treating the “least of these” … and conservative culturalized Christians are doubling down on inhumane policies.

Tired. Weary.

How conservative Christian denominations get exposed for treating women… only to turn one annual meeting into a political rally.


What to do? Shut off media and social media? Wall myself off and act like none of this occurs?

What to do? Toss off my lifelong belief and protest wildly in the streets?

Certainly, I must stay engaged. But the question is how.

Where it starts is always the Word. Yesterday’s reading refreshed me in the presence of Jesus.

Psalm 73 reminded me that even when it seems evil will win all around me, I gain perspective in the presence of the Lord. I can discern the end of those who will treat others inhumanely. (It’s not a pretty ending.)

Matthew 16 reminded me that you life isn’t about the accolades, the applause, or how people notice me. It is about Christ. It is about me getting on God’s agenda, taking up my cross, and following him.

Galatians 5 reminded me it is the work of the Spirit. I am to keep in step with the Spirit. Not the culture. Not this culturalized form of Christianity we have invented. I am to keep in step with the Spirit.

His Word refreshes me. His presence renews me. It calls me to prayer. It calls me to action. But it is no longer out of my flesh. It is by the power of his Spirit.

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