The question of “what next”

We are less than three weeks from a huge change in our lives. Our house is sold, the movers are scheduled, and we are wrapping up our time in Minneapolis.

I am walking through my “lasts” in these final weeks. 

The “last time” I meet with someone before we move…

The “last time” I turn the key in the lock as a homeowner…

We are still in the phase of “What is next?”

Currently, I am at my last church district meeting. As I see people, the question is, “What’s next?”

We still don’t know. We know to move to Alabama. God has what is next. It will be our journey to Troas, so to speak. When there, the Spirit will keep on directing as to what is next. We are fully confident.

What a journey!

As we hurry through these last weeks packing, finishing up my last semester at North Central as an adjunct, etc., I think about what I will miss.

I think the answer is ” pretty much everything.” (Except this winter that won’t end!)

We’re meeting friends for meals and coffee. I know we’ll keep returning to the Cities regularly, but these friendships are precious to me. Not seeing people on a regular basis will be difficult.

I will miss all the ethnic food. I will miss the skyline I get to see every day. I will miss professional baseball. Having Target Field 15 minutes from my house was a treat!

I will miss the international flavor of this city. It’s a beautiful place, even in winter. Walks along the river at St. Anthony Main and the Stone Arch Bridge were so convenient for us!

Minneapolis is a great city. Columbia Heights, where we were so fortunate to pastor for 19 plus years, is a great town. Heights Church is a great church. The fellowship of our pastors in Columbia Heights is a treasure. Working with the city and the schools is a treasure. There are few places like this when it comes to collaboration with the faith community, the city, and the schools. I had a wonderful opportunity.

I am an incredibly thankful guy. Grateful for what I have had these past 19-20 years and thankful for the Lord leading us on.


Heights Pride
Columbia Heights showing up for food pack event: “LOVE SOMALIA”


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