Ignorance of the Word

Reading for Today:

Psalm 55, 74
Lam 2:1-9
2 Cor. 1:23-2:11
Mark 12:1-11

In his march to the Cross, Jesus goes straight at the religious leaders. When spiritual authority is gone, all that is left is theological wordplay, manipulation, and outright intimidation. It still happens today.

The most frightening words Jesus could say to them… and to us… as spiritual leaders today:

Jesus said to them, “Isn’t this the reason you are wrong, because you don’t know either the scriptures or God’s power? (Mark 12:24)

Here is the penetrating question: Do we recognize he is saying that?

We are in a time when the Bible is quoted, misquoted, misconstrued, contorted, etc., in a way to justify political ideologies and political figures. It is probable the response today would be similar to the response back when Jesus said it the first time.

More than likely the claim would be, “He’s talking to those folks… not us!”

Lord, we are absorbed in our pursuit of power. We have lost sight of the cross. We have shoved aside the work of the cross. We are walking in a powerlessness Christianity and too blind to see it. Bring healing to our blind eyes in this Holy Week. Amen. 

bible on bench
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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