When spiritual authority is lost

Reading for today:

Psalm 6, 12, 94
Lam. 1:17-22
2 Cor. 1:8-22
Mark 11:27-33

The closer Jesus gets to the work of the cross, the more the spiritual leaders press to trap Jesus. They sense their power base fading and they are desperate. 

They sent some of the Pharisees and supporters of Herod to trap him in his words. (Mark 12:13)

When those who are supposed to be spiritual leaders aren’t spiritual leaders any longer, all they have is manipulation. Leaders without authority are dangerous. They act and react like trapped animals.

These leaders sense authority slipping away. (Jesus only exposed the obvious.) All they had left was to try and trap Jesus in his own words.

There is a sifting going on in American Christianity. Those lost in word games have a sense of something shifting… they just don’t know what. True authority is gone and all they have left is a war of words.

The challenge this Holy Week is to find the powerful work of the cross in your own life again. Allow the cross to have its work. Let true spiritual authority return.

The cross can restore true spiritual power… or simply strip away the vestiges of earthly manipulation. What work will you see this week?

rosary prayer.jpg
Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

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