The Letter I Thought I Would Never Write

I love pastoring and I love the place where I pastor. A day arrived I didn’t think would come this soon, even though “soon” means 19 years of ministry in one place.

To Our Heights Church Family,


Our family moved to Minneapolis in 1997 with a prayer. Terri and I with three little boys. We knew the Lord was leading us back to this area but didn’t know what else he had in mind. Through prayer, talking to the Minnesota District, and walking the streets, the Lord put Columbia Heights in our hearts.


I will never forget the first Sunday we attended the church (before we knew if we would go there as pastors) and after church we walked over to Central Avenue to eat at an Indian restaurant. We walked in and said to each other, “We can pastor here.” Columbia Heights was a place of amazing diversity, not to mention great ethnic food!


We were voted in as pastors in April of 1998 and began a journey together. We have grown together spiritually. We have watched the church, even though small, become influential in the city. We have walked through deep valleys together. I have watched amazing people take on huge dreams.


Three years ago the Lord gave us a new dream. With great faith we sold the building we had and moved into a smaller space to create a new way of doing ministry. It has been a bold move and I have been so thankful for amazing people along the way who have worked so hard… and dreamed so big.


When I began pastoring here, I developed a philosophy of ministry where I wanted to pastor a city. I also wanted to be long term. In the last few years the Lord has put bigger ideas in my heart for where the church could go and things it could do in the Metro area. I always had the mentality that pastoring here would go on.


It seems the Lord has different ideas. Over the past several months the Lord has stirred our hearts that change might be on the horizon. The past several weeks has seen an acceleration in that intensity and it has come to the point where the Lord has told us it is time to resign as pastors of Heights Church and wait on him for the next thing.


This has been a day I didn’t think would come for a very long time. Yet, here it is.

Our last day as your pastors will be December 31.

It has been my deepest pleasure to serve as pastor of Heights Church. You all have blessed us beyond measure. We will always hold you in our hearts.


We don’t know what the short term future holds. We do know the One who has the future for us, and our eyes are on him.


With all our love,

Pastor Dan and Terri Thompson

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