The prophetic center — Why I can’t stay quiet any longer

I posted on Facebook, linking to an article about these crazy “anti-Sharia” rallies that took place yesterday. We had one in Minnesota that was small in number and big in coverage. 

First, HERE is the article.

And here is what I posted on Facebook:

I would REALLY like to feel this is a “nothing story” about a “nothing group” but I’ve come to realize that my silent moderation does nothing. I have sat back waiting for “common sense” to snap us back into place and realized the vocal fringes are not wanting to deal with common sense any more.

Those like me who have felt, “Well, we’ll just sit and wait. Common sense HAS to prevail… right?” have been silent too long. Guess what? Common sense and a sense of decency aren’t returning. And sitting silent shouldn’t be an option for even moderates. Not any more. Not when tiny-minded groups like this think they’re “having an impact” on America. This is not a nothing story. This is a dangerous story. It’s not about small numbers. Small numbers were useful in the last election. We have to pay attention. We have to SAY something now.

I promised people I’d sit back during the transition and “give things a chance.” That lasted to about January 21, I know. But for the most part, I’ve held back. (Shocking to some, I know.) But, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I’m tired of seeing Kingdom principles set aside to double down on political causes simply because “they’re not Democrats.” (Or, in the same vein, doubling down because “they’re not Republicans.”) I’m done with binary thinking. I am finished with sitting silent while cultural Christians hijack the name of Christ for political purposes. I am not advocating for “right” or “left.” Being a believer shouldn’t be about “one political side.” It should be about standing in the prophetic middle and declaring what is Kingdom goodness, which will look like it’s “left” in some instances and “right” in other instances. It today gives me the freedom to look at both political parties and call out for better work and better ideas.I may be tilting at windmills or spitting in the wind… but I can’t just be quiet any longer. Common sense won’t return unless those of us in the middle will call out for it again. Friends… those who have that will… I ask you to join me.



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