Muslim apocalyptic literature

THIS ARTICLE is by a Muslim and speaks to the extremism he observes in ISIS. It is interesting to see more and more public views of how Muslims view Jesus and the end of time. I am also noticing what I call “evangelical” Islam. It’s an approach that speaks more “evangelical” language. The author mentionsContinue reading “Muslim apocalyptic literature”

Blame, Blame, Blame

The Islamic world is in upheaval again. Once again, Americans look for blame. We look to something we can quantify. Something over which we can wring our hands. Even after it has become fairly clear the horrific attack on the embassy in Libya were a coordinated effort that led to deaths of four Americans, weContinue reading “Blame, Blame, Blame”

Important New Study on Islam

This report relates findings from an in-depth study done on Islam around the world. Statistics show that almost 1 in 4 on the planet are Muslim. It also shows what has been true for decades: Islam is not predominantly Arabic. The largest Muslim nations are not in the Middle East. I write on this becauseContinue reading “Important New Study on Islam”