Politics and the Pulpit

May 4 being the National Day of Prayer, President Trump signed an Executive Order loosening control of what has been called the “Johnson Amendment.” Under the Johnson Amendment, it was to disallow direct political endorsements from the pulpit of particular candidates. If violated, the IRS could look into pulling the tax exemption status from a religious organization. 

That said, this is not an invitation to tighten up the definitions of the above paragraph. I missed a lot of finer points, I’m sure.

This is NOT a rant against Trump. It is NOT a rant against Obama. This is not about FOR or AGAINST particular presidents and their actions.

(It is utterly amazing the disqualifers we have to put up these days… and you know what? THEY WILL STILL BE IGNORED!)

HERE is my honest question. (I have to say HONEST these days, too. Another qualifier.)

If you’re a pastor, do you actually want to endorse a political candidate from your pulpit? If so, why?

(ANOTHER QUALIFIER: Please answer honestly and those disagreeing please allow room for interaction.)

What effect does that have on your congregation if you endorse a candidate from your pulpit?

What effect does that have on your community, those not in your church, if you endorse a political candidate?

How has “the Johnson Amendment” kept you from truly addressing “hot button” issues that need addressing in society? (Like: abortion, racism, poverty, etc.)

As members of a congregation…

How would you feel if your pastor was allowed to endorse a political candidate? What if that candidate wasn’t “your” candidate?

Honestly… (there’s that qualifier again)… is this something we’re able to discuss in any civil manner at all?

One thought on “Politics and the Pulpit

  1. I’m most African American churches this is normal practice. I remember us declining request because we want people to vote their. conscience. I believe this will just began a more errodious decay of the church. Money, politics, and man made agendas.

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