Politics and the Pulpit

May 4 being the National Day of Prayer, President Trump signed an Executive Order loosening control of what has been called the “Johnson Amendment.” Under the Johnson Amendment, it was to disallow direct political endorsements from the pulpit of particular candidates. If violated, the IRS could look into pulling the tax exemption status from aContinue reading “Politics and the Pulpit”

The JOY of preaching the Word of God

One of my great joys came when I got up from a chair to walk to the podium and the Lord said to me, “Now remember, it’s what I do with the word between your lips and their hearts that matters.” That is a tremendous lesson. If you do not trust God to do that,Continue reading “The JOY of preaching the Word of God”

The Kingdoms of This World

I am still baffled by the news out of Houston, TX that the mayor wanted sermons subpoenaed from local churches! Allan Bevere hit it on this head with his post. There is a COST to following Christ and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we may begin to feel that pressure a bit here.Continue reading “The Kingdoms of This World”

The preaching of the Word

The priority needs to be given to the public reading of Scripture. We need to systematically read the Scripture in public. The story needs to be impressed into our collective memories. “If the sermon follows some form of lectio divina (in which the whole of Scripture is read over a period of time), we are more likelyContinue reading “The preaching of the Word”

Mind and Soul

With one foot squarely in the ministry world and another foot barely in the academic world, I am constantly challenged by our “either/or” thinking. I may be wrong about the world truly being “both/and.” Maybe it’s not. Maybe you have to be either uber-smart… and an academic who is very capable at writing, but not very capableContinue reading “Mind and Soul”