The place of quiet

Last weekend I was able to get away for a silent retreat. My soul had been agitated and I knew it was time to move into silence. It is a normal practice I work to keep in the spring of the year, but my soul was so agitated I moved some things around to make sure I could get away sooner rather than later.

I also knew the place I had to go. There are a few places I’ve gone to for solitude over the years, but Pacem in Terris is designed specifically for “hermits” who seek the silence. The hermitages are for individuals. When you enter the area where hermitages are placed, there is the admonition to stay silent.

Pacem 4

There is a main lodge area at the entrance and evening meals can be enjoyed in community. That is the only time and space for talking. While on the grounds, silence is to be kept.

The quiet is an opportunity for the Spirit of God to wash over a soul. It is the time I have found in my life where I have experienced the presence of God in the most intense way. Every time I have gone into solitude, I experience his presence more powerfully than at any other time. And I’m a Pentecostal who has known some intense moments of worship and power in the past.

When we will shut up, God will show up. His presence is beautiful. I am thankful for the opportunity to rest my soul.

Pacem 3

Pacem 1


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