Sacred Territory

There are places in Scripture that are holy ground to me. Sacred territory. 

I know it’s important to say, “The whole Bible inspires me” or something profound and inclusive as that to make sure I’m not offending people who have other favorite places in Scripture.

Currently I am working through my “go to” list of passages I call my “ancient wells.” This is familiar territory the Spirit brings me to from time to time to turn over the soil in my heart again and prepare me for the next direction in study. This pass through has been so enriching to me. I was sharing my notebook with a small group at church the other day and I was so amazed with how many pages I had filled on just a few passages. Passages I have gone over and over. Passages that are richly familiar to me, and even this time, after years of this practice, more prayers and thoughts poured out!

And it continues. I am about to enter one of the most sacred passages in this list. Over the last few years 2 Peter 1:2-11 has drawn me in with a sense of awe. I simply see that passage listed and I pause and almost don’t breathe.

I truly pray you have passages of Scripture like that. I know there have been others in my lifetime. But this one over the past few years draws me in. It brings me to a place of worship.

Growing up, we had drilled into us a theology of unworthiness. Even after salvation, we just weren’t worth really knowing. God was worth knowing, but God knowing us? God being able to have worth in us? Forget it.

A few years ago a missionary guest was at our church and he somehow felt the need to talk constantly the entire time he was with us. He really didn’t stop talking the entire evening, even to the moment I had to practically shove him in his car and send him on his way because everyone else had left the building and I needed to lock up!

One of the things he launched into right away was the fact that God was indeed angry. God was angry with sin. God was angry with sinners. He was angry and his wrath needed to burn. Somewhere in there was probably a turn where God’s grace somehow extended to us and… WHEW… aren’t we glad this angry God isn’t SOOOO angry with us anymore. Although it seemed that God was still just a tiny bit angry at us…

My life’s theology was built on anger and my own sense of unworthiness. And along comes Peter to say we are partakers of the divine nature.

So, this is the passage I come to in my reading and even opening my Bible to that page there is a sense of awe and worship. Sacred ground. Holy ground.

And it begins with a prayer of abundance in the lives of his readers.

I have a feeling I may get lost in this text for a little while, so I want to leave you with a prayer of abundance. Not of scarcity. Not of anger.


Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.


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