Consistency in being pro-life

I do NOT have consistency in my pro-life ethic as yet. I have time… I hope. 

By pro-life ethic, I want to look at the wide spectrum and simply ask, “What brings human flourishing? And as a Christian, what brings Kingdom best?”

What is horrifying to watch is the new “boldness” of conservative evangelicals (and I am of this tribe until the new orthodoxy of Trumpism is finally set in concrete and that would ostracize me for good) is on a day when there is a “March for Life” there is also a new policy on immigration implemented that 1. Stops refugee processing from certain Muslim countries, and 2. gives preferential treatment to Christians over Muslims.

The horrifying part is this: a lot of conservative Christians cheered both. As I work on my pro-life ethic, I cheer the “March for Life” moment and mourn the restrictions on getting refugees into our country. (It is a process currently that takes two years minimum. This isn’t a process of flooding in without any vetting whatsoever.)

I also need to note this: When ISIS was boldly killing Christians in Syria and Iraq and marking doors like it was Nazis marking the doorways of Jews in Germany, I was furious when the Obama administration did NOT cry out initially about how Christians were being treated. They were, in fact, careful to point out that ISIS was killing Muslims as well. That was true, but to NOT recognize the blatant targeting of Christians to the point of ridding entire cities of Christians for the first time in CENTURIES was, in my opinion, a grievous inaction.

TAKE NOTE: I am an equal-opportunity offender.

Yesterday, however, was sorrowful to take in. I am pro-life, but not just anti-abortion. I want to see unborn babies make it and people across the board step up to the responsibilities of parenting babies, whether it’s adoption, stepping up as parents and learning to take responsibility, or however we can make that happen.

Yet, I stand with “March for Life”, even with its flaws. I have to be a voice for the voiceless, and that includes the unborn.

But to cheer on limiting immigration for refugees? To cheer on preferring Christians over Muslims for immigration? No.

I do not cheer. I mourn.

We need national security. We need to walk with care. But it is not at the expense of refugees that, after a long process, need to find … well … refuge.

Our current climate runs on fear. It generates reaction. We fear “pro-life” judges because they may overturn “a woman’s right to choose.” We fear immigrants because of terrorist attacks. We fear Republicans because they are going to starve the poor. We fear Democrats because they are godless pinko commies.

On and on we go. Fear wins elections.

But the way of Christ? The way of Christ should be life.

ALL of life.

The way of Christ is the cross, where we deal with our fears and walk in the power of the Kingdom of God.

And be clear about this: the way of Christ is not safe. It is wonderfully, powerfully dangerous. And when we step through the way of the cross, we find flourising in the midst of “danger.”

If you are looking for ongoing fear and the illusion of complete safety, go the way of this world and the election rhetoric. Go the way of the Empire.

But to walk in perfect love… to walk in the best of human flourishing… walk the path of the cross. It is the true way of life.

Allepo Child

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