Prevailing Prayer has a basic element

If there is anything fundamental to learn about prevailing prayer, it’s this:

Don’t quit.

It’s the place of what Jesus would call “shameless audacity” (Luke 11:8, NIV).

We give up too easily. We have urgent things to pray, but we quit too early. The Spirit may be challenging us in prayer on a matter. To pray for an unreached people. To lift up a missionary. To pray over a city.

How long does that take?

The answer is difficult. It is a matter of praying… until.

Until what?

That is the difficult part. And we get impatient.

There is a list of challenges the Lord has given me over the last 3 years. My heartbreak has been to look at this small list with huge answers and think how I just have not prayed over those matters consistently in months. It has crushed me. The list isn’t that long! The miracles needed are huge, but the list isn’t that long! How much time, honestly, would that take me to at least look at that list every day and say to the Lord, “Here it is. Help me understand WHY you’ve given me these things to pray!”

There would be days the Spirit would camp me on those prayer needs and ask me to spend time. There would be other days I would see that list, ask what the Lord is doing about them, and just move on in a matter of minutes. But the key is to do something about that list every day.

Shameless audacity.

A Faith So Precious

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